Supplier management can enable OEMs to track suppliers contacts and supplier parts information. Built on top of Aras Innovator as an independent solution. Helps OEMs to manage suppliers within Aras Innovator. Helps exchange engineering data and documents between OEMs and suppliers. Enables visual collaboration on CAD models and drawings. Modern UI, built based on AppStudio templates.

App Studio


  • Improved communication and collaboration.
  • Effective collaboration between OEM and suppliers.
  • Easy access to information related to suppliers and their awarded parts.
  • Quick turn around time in supplier communication.
  • Strong access control which gives better visibility and security.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Managing Supplier Information
  • Supplier Contacts & OEM Contacts
  • Awarded Parts
  • CAD/Part/Document Sharing
  • Surveys
  • Assessment Score
  • Corrective Action Requests
  • Annual PPRs
  • No Shipment Notifications
  • Risk Bulletin Notices
  • Reports
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Supplier Management Dashboard

Supplier Information

  • OEM admin will be able to create the Suppliers in Aras.
  • Can store the supplier information like name, company, contact number etc.
  • Can share with supplier, information related to awarded parts, documents, surveys, assessment score etc.
Typical Workflow
Typical Workflow
Typical Workflow


  • OEM users and supplier users can see each other contacts with in the context of the Supplier.
  • Supplier Contacts: These will be the Supplier user contacts related from Supplier organization.
  • OEM Contacts: These will be the OEM user contacts related from OEM organization.

Awarded Parts​

  • OEM user can assign Awarded parts for the supplier.
  • Supplier user can see Awarded parts for which he is responsible.
Awarded Parts


  • OEM users can share the CAD Documents/Documents with the supplier.
  • OEM and Supplier users can collaborate using Innovator CAD 3D Visualization.
  • Using Discussion Panel (Secure Social) capability available in Innovator OEM and Supplier users can communicate with each other with messages.


  • OEM users can create Survey template with the questions that required to be responded by Supplier.
  • OEM user can send Survey to multiple suppliers by selecting Survey template.
  • Can associate attachments with the Survey.
Assessment Score

Assessment Score

  • Assessment score is the Scorecard that can be calculated based on certain parameters for each supplier based on his performance.
  • Assessment score can be calculated at regular intervals and can be communicated with the Supplier.

Corrective Action Requests​

  • Correction Action Request can be sent to supplier if the supplier assessment score is low for 3 consecutive months.
  • Corrective Action Request will be automatically generated by the system for each Supplier.
Annual PPRs

Annual PPRs

  • OEM users can generate Annual PPR (Purchase Price Reduction) request to all Suppliers to get updated pricing for the awarded parts.

No Shipment Notifications​

  • Using “No Ship Notification” feature, a supplier can notify OEM of a situation that impacts the supplier’s ability to supply parts to OEM.
No Shipment Notifications
Risk Bulletin Notices.jpg

Risk Bulletin Notices

  • Using “Risk Bulletin Notice” feature, OEM user can share “Risk Bulletin Document” to one or more suppliers and require the suppliers to acknowledge.


  • Reports which are scoped to a specific supplier can be incorporated in the Supplier Info details page.
  • Following screenshots show sample reports created for Surveys, Corrective Actions, Assessment Scores.
Supplier Collaboration​
Supplier Collaboration​

Supplier Collaboration​

  • OEM can collaborate with suppliers using Innovator’s Discussion Panel feature.
  • AppStudio shows DiscussionPanel action on the Supplier Info page when Secure Social feature is enabled on the ItemType.
  • By using DiscussionPanel on the CAD Model, OEM can do visual collaboration with the suppliers.

Supplier Management Dashboard​

  • Global and Supplier Info Dashboards can be created using AppStudio Dashboards feature.
  • Dashboard can have table/worksheet with conditional formatting, highlighting certain aspects of the Supplier Info.
  • Dashboard can have reports generated based on supplier scorecards, surveys etc
Supplier Management Dashboard
Access Control

Access Control

Access Control

  • Supplier user can only see the Supplier Info item for the one he/she belongs.
  • Supplier user can see the information (awarded parts, surveys, assessment score etc.) related to the supplier he/she belongs.
  • Extensively used Standard Access Control, MAC and DAC to restrict/share the data between OEMs and their suppliers.