Prorigo Document Generator
  • Auto generates the document given the word template and property values based on the explicit user action or trigger from the Item.
  • Configured word template can have content controls and repeating section content controls. Content control names should match with the property names on the ItemType. Content control names can contain path referring to the related items of the context item.
  • As part of generating the document, content control values will be updated from the context item and related items properties.
  • DocumentGenerator can accept data-source generated through the configured server-method. Using this feature, very complex documents can be auto-generated from the structures defined in the Aras.
  • DocumentGenerator can compose the document from other documents, pictures, and relationship data (as a table). It can also create section and sub-sections in the document based on the relationships and related items.
  • Optionally auto generates PDF from the word document.