Prorigo Aras Workspaces & TDP
Prorigo Aras Workspaces Permission
  • Workspaces allow users to organize files or items (Workspace, Part, Document, etc.) in a custom folder structure and can manage users access to the workspace.
  • Support for any new workspace-controlled ItemType as content item can be extended easily.
  • Workspace can be navigated using a tree grid view. User can add/delete child workspaces or workspace-controlled items with the help of right click action menu.
  • Contents relationship shows the workspace-controlled items added by the user to the workspace. In Contents, user can add items from Part, Document, CAD and items from any other workspace-controlled ItemTypes.
  • Workspace or child workspaces can be access controlled using the Access Permission relationship of the workspace. At any level in the workspace, user-specific permission can be assigned from a pre-defined list of access permissions (e.g. Reader, Contributor, Editor, Manager etc.)
  • TechnicalDataPackage (TDP) allow users to download contents of an item and its related items up to any depth of the structure in a single zip file using an action.
  • The action to create a TDP is interactive; user can choose to download all contents or can remove specific contents through an interface before creating the TDP.
  • The TDP contains a spread sheet document which contains the metadata about the item and all its related items. The spreadsheet document is based on a customizable pre-defined template.
  • The correct template will automatically be selected during creation of the TDP based on business rules.
  • The TDP can also be configured to contains other documents (e.g. Word document containing the Cover Letter etc.) based on pre-defined templates.
  • The spreadsheet containing the items’ metadata has all the necessary cells protected from accidental editing. Only valid cells will be allowed for editing in offline usage.
  • Any previously downloaded TDP can be re-imported into Innovator. On import, the item properties will be updated from the metadata spreadsheet.
  • All file attachments at any item level in the structure are downloaded in the TDP. TDP also contains a manifest document which has the metadata about downloaded files; e.g. file name, file size, parent item number etc.