Prorigo’s AI Assistants for Aras Innovator unlock opportunities to transform the user experience for PLM users, administrators and implementors. They enable users to interact with the data and get desired results using natural language.

Our AI Assistants are powered by conversational AI engine and machine learning model built using Prorigo’s expertise in PLM:

  • Pre-trained for Aras Innovator and further tailored to customer specific configurations.
  • Can be deployed on-premises or on cloud.
  • Support numerous use cases out of the box and can be extended to support additional use cases based on customer needs.
  • Leverage the power of LLMs and generative AI to offer advanced features.

Representative Use Cases

End Users
End User
  • Item Search/Filter: Generate complex filter expressions with natural language prompt
  • Chat Bot:
    • Global Search: Search across multiple types with natural language
    • Conversation driven data analysis and chart/report generation
    • Knowledge base search based on any documents or content within the application
    • Command Execution
  • AI generated suggestions for Workflow Task completions and State promotions
  • Rule Engine Rule Definition: Generates Rule expression from natural language prompt
  • AI generated UI templates based on natural language prompt
  • Workflow design based on natural language prompt
  • Chat bot to check status of background jobs, view logs and troubleshoot
Implementors/ Developers
  • Customization code generation based on natural language prompts enabled by integration with IDE like Visual Studio and VS Code
  • Generate test plan and test data from natural language prompts and user stories