Data Migration

ENOVIA to Aras

  • Built data extraction tool to extract data from ENOVIA for full and delta extractions
  • Tool can extract data based on the process area specific configuration using multiple threads in minimal time
  • Used Aras Batch Loader and SQL Server Import utility to load data to Aras Innovator
  • Following process areas are covered as part of migration
    • CAD Management (2 million)
    • Part Management (4 million)
    • Change Management (0.5 million)
    • Variant Management (0.5 million)
    • Supplier Management (20 thousand)
  • Handled revisions, history, files (2 TB), vaults

ENOVIA to Windchill

  • Migrated customer from ENOVIA to Windchill with large dataset related to
    • CAD objects, Parts, ECR, ECO
    • Specifications/Reference Documents
    • EBOM
  • Migrated close to a million CAD objects and more than a million Parts along with their revisions and relationships
  • Implemented logic to execute migration on parallel threads to speed up migration in the small available timeframes
  • Since both systems were operational for some time, implemented logic to perform incremental migrations based on the timestamp


  • Migrated customer from ENOVIA Oracle to ENOVIA MS-SQL
  • Used SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to migrate database (around 200 GB)
  • Execution strategy: Parallel execution with multiple instances of SSMA tool to migrate large database tables (like history table)
  • Implemented logic to handle differences in naming convention for Oracle and SQL Server database tables
  • Handled date format differences as part of migration