Aras Innovator

Working on Aras Innovator since 2012

  • Built CAD integrations with UG NX, Pro E, and Creo
  • Built Adobe InDesign integration for Aras customer
  • Worked on extensive customization of Variant Management application for Aras customer
  • Worked on a largescale migration project from ENOVIA to Innovator for Aras US customer
  • Built integration with Oracle ERP
  • Built server side office automation solution over Aras Innovator with remote editing capabilities using WebDAV for Aras customer
  • Built SharePoint integration with Innovator for collaboration of office documents through SharePoint
  • Built add-on application on Innovator 12 for data synchronization that synchronizes data with external data source
Innovator Features Used Across Multiple Projects
  • Bulk loader of structure for cloning using excel file
  • Enhanced Mass Update Feature
  • Item Types
  • Relationships
  • Actions & Events
  • Client and Server methods
  • Forms and Views
  • Workflow and lifecycle management
  • Permissions
  • Identities
  • Sequences
  • Query Definitions
  • Tree grid views
  • Custom grids
  • Notifications
  • Extended classification & extended properties
  • Scheduler
  • Custom webservices
  • External Systems
  • Packaging
Part Management
  • Part classification
  • Custom part types creation
  • UI form display as per part type
  • Approval process
  • UI form display as per part type
  • Approval process
Change Management
  • Enhanced Change Management workflow for ECO – ECR process
  • Worked on Customized Part Release and Revise process
  • Site Specific breakdown structure
  • Asset management using ECO
  • Deep copy of Breakdown structure for BOM generation
Structure Comparer (EBOM, MBOM)
  • Comparing different types of structure (e.g. BOM, WBS, Product Structure, etc.) based on different parameters
  • Embedded Structure Comparer on different relationship grids
  • Compare different revisions of items
  • Different comparison views on same grid
  • Extensively worked on query definitions for different structure comparison views
  • Ability to Sync the structural differences
Variant Management
Variable Components
  • Automatic identification of all possible usage conditions based on features and options
  • Automatic asset creation for given usage conditions
  • Classification of assets based on features and options
  • Filtering & Sorting of assets
Variability Items
  • Features & Options enhancements
  • Table rule editor user interface enhancement
  • Multiple Selection type Features
  • Not Applicable Features based on usage
  • Implemented Default Feature Option Selection
Breakdown Items
  • Instantiation of resolved breakdown item structure automatically and semi-automatically
  • Traceability of assets for given breakdown item structures
  • Classification of instantiated assets for given breakdown item
  • 3D Visualization of instantiated assets
  • Filtering & Sorting of instantiated assets
  • Resolution and instantiation of custom item type
  • Custom Tree Grid Views for resolution
Aras - CAD Connectors (UG NX, Pro E)
  • CAD Assemblies - Create new, Save-as (clone) , Rename, Revise
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Attribute synch
  • PLM change status/refresh
  • Named baseline (establish and retrieve)
  • E-BoM synch
  • Derived output (2D drawing viewing)
  • Derived output (3D model viewing)
  • Lifecycle Mgt. (promote, demote, release)
  • Named baseline (establish and retrieve)
  • E-BoM synch
  • Derived output (2D drawing viewing)
  • Derived output (3D model viewing)
  • Lifecycle Mgt. (promote, demote, release)
3D Visualization
  • Enabling 3D Visualization on Custom Item types
  • Worked on query definitions and tree grid views
  • Split Screen View with 3D Visualization
  • Utility for CAD Data Migration to generate various Derived Outputs using HOOPS Convertor
  • Custom Query Processor to load 3D Visualization on Custom Item types
Configurator Services
  • Used to implement Multiple selection Type Features
  • Used to resolve product structure on custom item types.
  • Worked on the APIs to get variability scope structure for Not Applicable Options
Conversion Server and Scheduler
  • Designed and developed Background Job Processing Framework
  • Designed and developed Cron Jobs scheduling framework within Innovator
  • Developed Subscription Framework for end users to subscribe for any events on the Item
Batch Loader
  • Batch Utilities for mass data load
  • Worked on both GUI and Command line modes
  • Data clean up and correction utilities

Aras Development Process and Tools

  • Used Azure DevOps for project management and Aras SDE (standard development environment) based source control for many projects
  • Experienced in setting up Innovator Development Environment from baseline (CodeTree & Database backup)
  • Used Aras TAF for creating automated UI and integration tests
  • Well versed in setting up various environments (Development, QA, SIT, Production) in Azure
  • Practiced Aras SAFe development methodology across many projects
  • Experienced in using Git environment (forks, branches, merge, rebase, pull request etc.)
  • Used SDE based CICD pipelines for automated deployment to various environments
  • Have good knowledge of Aras DevOps and AICD, latest offering from Aras