App Studio
  • Built on top of Aras Innovator as an add-on
  • Low code solution to generate complex, responsive, mobile friendly UI
  • Modern User experience fully configurable
  • Rich features like conditional display, validation rules, default values, conditional formatting based on configuration
  • Worksheet control with Excel worksheet capabilities.
  • Type specific and global Dashboards for various roles.
  • Automates word document generation from selected options and property values from the Item.
  • Technical Data Package Export and Import for offline usage and changes.
  • Approach is more on configuration and less on customization
  • Built using Angular SPA framework with webservices as backend
  • Works with both Aras standard on-prem and enterprise versions
  • Rapidly build any multi-page application in studio environment with drag-drop capabilities.
  • Generate complex, responsive, mobile friendly, and high-performance UI without writing a single line of custom code.
  • Automates creation of MS Word document based on the values and options entered through wizard pages if the word template is configured on the template.
  • Create guided UI for showing long data entry forms with conditional display set with expressions.
  • Can save up to 80% on UI customizations.
  • Goal will be, end user without any programming background should be able to create complex application UI.
  • Create DataModel (ItemTypes & RelationshipTypes) for the application.
  • Create UI Template for the root ItemType and bind it to the DataModel.
  • Publish the template through Lifecycle.
  • Now create, view and edit actions from Innovator use Template for creating or accessing the item.

Template studio enables creating template for a specific ItemType. ItemType properties and relationships can be used to create UI of the template. Upon publishing the template, ItemType default form will be overridden with the template.

Template Studio

Wizard is a separate single page application (SPA) used to show details of the item at runtime. When you select item from Innovator search grid, if the item has published AppStudio template, item details with be shown using the template instead of using default Innovator form. When you click on Create action from search grid, same template will be used to show the page with empty controls.