ENOVIA-Aras Data Transformer

Transformers are the command line tools, that read flat files (extracted data from ENOVIA or third-party systems) and transform them to a form suitable for loading the data to the target system.

Implemented Transformers:
  • DAT to TSV File :
    Replaces column and row delimiters and make them suitable to be processed inside SSIS Package
  • CAD Major Minor :
    Transforms CAD Major(Revision) and Minor(Version) objects extracted from ENOVIA to the Aras Innovator Revisions and Generations
  • CAD SubComponent Rollup :
    Rolling up of CAD SubComponent relationships for the same component to the quantity attribute set on the relationship between assembly and component
  • Part and CAD Classification :
    Classify part and CAD objects based on the naming pattern and type of the object CAD Derived Output: Generating viewables(.scs) from native files extracted from ENOVIA. In case of assembly transformation matrix is extracted and set on the each relationship connected with the component
  • CAD Thumbnail Generation :
    Transform thumbnails extracted from ENOVIA to the required format and size using image processing
ENOVIA-Aras Data Transformer tool