3DEXPERIENCE professionals
  • Vast experience from older ENOVIA versions since Matrixone with latest 3DEXPERIENCE.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Platform V62016x, V62018x, V62019x, V62021x and V62023x.
Configuration and Customization

Configuration and Customization

  • Experts in 3DEXPERIENCE configuration and customization
  • Map complete customer process and provide efficient solution
  • Enhance OOTB processes as per customer requirement
  • End to end feature development and support

Exalead Configuration and Optimization

  • Design 6W Tags in 3DEXPERIENCE platform to refine the search results based on who, what, where, when, why and how
  • Define a Resource Description Framework to import and create new vocabulary to filter and tag content for newly created attribute as a predicate and see the results in 6W Tags
  • Fine tuning search performance using configurations
  • Setup search monitoring systems
Exalead Configuration and optimization
Infrastructure setup and support

Infrastructure Setup and Support

  • Experts in the ENOVIA infrastructure installation in various environments including development and production systems, along with Apache/JDK installation and Certificate creation for server.
  • Experienced in installing all the components of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
    • 3DSpace (Primary/secondary Server installation)
    • Apache Load balancer server (Reverse Proxy)
    • FCS servers
    • 3DSearch (Master/Slave search configuration)
    • DS License Server
    • 3DPassport
    • 3DDashboard
    • 3DSwym
    • 3DComment
    • 3DNotification
    • TVC (Technia search) Installation & Configuration and Upgrade

Upgrade, Implementation and Data Migration

  • V6 upgrade from 2010x to 2018x which involved two step upgrades from V62010x to V62013x and then from v62013x to v62018x for a European Manufacturing company
  • Upgrade ENOVIA V62013x to 3D experience (2019X) and implement enhancements related to Customizations for ETO processes for an American Manufacturing company
  • Designed various utilities to migrate data to upgraded system from variety of sources like third party SQL server database, xml files, text files, excel files, etc.
  • Built Data Migration Scripts which will run on Multiple Systems in parallel and reduce production down time for performing the data migration
Upgrade Implementation and data migration
Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

  • Maintenance & monitoring of the PLM systems for performance, availability.
  • Coordinate with IT infra team for infra provisioning, lifecycle management.
  • User support (L2 + L3) troubleshooting & resolution of application, infra and process issues

CAD Data Migration

  • Built framework for CAD data migration in upgrade process to map old cad types with new CAD types.
  • CAD Data migration from the external Systems (PDM/EPDM) like solidworks
  • Built framework for CAD Data correction
Export Process configuration and monitoring

Export Process Configuration and Monitoring

  • Designed integration framework which will manage exports from ENOVIA to multiple ERP applications like SAP
  • Build monitoring dashboards which analyse data from export logs and display success and failure trends of the data exports

Third Party Application Intergration

  • Solr search which is open-source software for index-based search.
  • Mongo DB based monitoring system which will track critical user actions and analyse system usage.
  • External spreadsheet application to generate very rich excel based reports using ENOVIA data.
3rd Party application Intergration
External Dashboards to render ENOVIA data

External Dashboards to render ENOVIA data

  • Designed external dashboards which facilitates the user to download all documents related to Part at single click.
  • Designed single page dashboard which will facilitate majority of custom process execution.

Auto-deployment cron jobs

  • Designed cron processes which performs complete deployment process in short time with minimal manual intervention.
  • Mongo DB based monitoring system which will track critical user actions and analyse system usage.
  • It reduced the production down time significantly due to deployment.
Auto-deployment cron jobs