What is AppStudio?

  • Suite of UI and backend components built as add-on to Aras Innovator.
  • No code solution to generate modern, complex, responsive, mobile friendly UI.
  • AppStudio comes with TemplateStudio to create template for an ItemType and Wizard to show details of the Item at runtime.
  • Worksheet control with Excel-like editing within Innovator.
  • Automates creation of MS Word and PDF documents based on selections through wizard pages.
  • TechnicalDataPackage (TDP) Export and Import for offline usage and changes.
  • Role based Type specific and global Dashboards.
  • Works with Innovator version 12SP5 onwards in both on-premises and enterprise deployments.


  • Create and visualize data more effectively with modern, intuitive UI powered by rich UI control library.
  • Fast and efficient editing experience with feature rich widget library like Worksheet.
  • Ability to work on devices with diverse form factors like desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile due to fluid responsive UI.
  • Ease of making changes to the UI layouts and content with no dependency on development teams.
  • Ability to subscribe to important events on an Item or ItemType to get notified and respond right in time.
  • Configuration driven UI powered by TemplateStudio is 80% faster than conventional custom code.
  • Easy upgrades, independent of Innovator version.
  • Swift change management due to quick feedback from end users.
  • Reduce implementation costs with backend components.


  • Pages and Dialogs for building multi-page and single-page applications.
  • DynamicLayout controls (Sections and Groups) in Toolbox to organize controls on the pages and dialogs.
  • Basic controls in Toolbox for presenting all property types from ItemType definition.
  • Table control to show Related Item data in tabular form with drag & drop, conditional formatting, computed columns capabilities.
  • Preview feature for reviewing changes quickly while building the template without creating Item from ItemType.
  • Display Condition on all UI controls can be defined with expression to dynamically render or hide controls based on property values.
  • Default Value on Text control to show computed value based on the expression built from other properties.
  • Validation Rules on all controls to validate entered data before submitting the request to server. Rules can be built based on the expression from the properties of the current and previous pages.
  • Conditional Formatting can be defined on Text control and Table control column to highlight the fields or cells with defined styles. Rules are built with expression based on thresholds set on property value.
  • ButtonGroup control to define actions that can show dialogs or standard actions from Innovator like WhereUsed, StructureBroswer, DPN View etc.
  • RichText control will allow user to create rich-text that can be stored as formatted text property on the item.
  • Signature control can capture user signature as picture and store it as image property on the item.
  • Report control can show table or chart-based reports defined based on QueryDefintion for local and global data.
  • Structure control can show any structured data with all relationships with the help of defined QueryDefintion.
  • Item control can show item property from the item. Items control can show related items from a RelationshipType with keyed names.
  • Navigation panel is shown based on the defined pages and their order, provides guided UI with next and previous buttons.
  • Responsive UI: Controls rendered on the page will get adjusted to the available page width to avoid showing horizontal scrollbars.

Typical Workflow

  • Create DataModel (ItemTypes & RelationshipTypes) for the application.
  • Create UI Template for the root ItemType and bind it to the DataModel.
  • Publish the template through Lifecycle.
  • Create, View and Edit actions from Innovator now uses published Template for creating or accessing the Item.
Typical Workflow
Template Studio

Template Studio

  • Template studio enables creating template for a specific ItemType. ItemType properties and relationships can be used to create UI of the template. Upon publishing the template, ItemType default form will be overridden with the template.


  • Wizard is a separate single page application (SPA) used to show details of the item at runtime. When you select item from Innovator search grid, if the item has published AppStudio template, item details with be shown using the template instead of using default Innovator form. When you click on Create action from search grid, same template will be used to show the page with empty controls.